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Tom like Longy as one brother who is there only friend as that seems to be a requirement for head admin on FG. Will B Spence as he is known in his human form, which is not impressive at all causing him to win the unoffical ugly awards of FG, like Longy is not a good catch at all, but Will is the most disgusting thing in the world, women must run away, even Nerdrage the second most disgusting person makes jokes about his size and face, which is a disgrace. Some would say that Longy liked the ban hammer, but Tom loved the power even more then him, Tom loved the attention he could get by making people half his age beg to get back on the server, he wanted that feeling of self importance being that kid always over looked by the girls, yet I don't know how being that he was asemi-trailer in his school plays. At least Tom has his pathetic brother as a friend like Longy does, lets hope there parents never have babies again to prevent more diabetic retards.