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Oceanic Servers is the 10th edition of AUS-JB launched in December 2021, a rebranded version and exact match of the previous 'Domination Servers' inherited by the exact same leader. The most major immediate change besides the incorrect map banners, delays and other problems is the removal of previously purchased permanent paided to win perks, outfits and similar goods. Some were outright removed and others became temporary requiring monthly payment for which was previously sold as permanent. On top of that as part of the well planned cash grab all credits were resetted, which of course could be purchased for real life cash, also a casino was introduced with no checks or balances on the age of the users.

Oceanic Servers under the leadership of magics with appointed staff like chiswell have continued on a regular basis to use there position to attempt to feel a self of importance at the cost of general enjoyability on the server. They have been seen to bully, abuse, reward people with finance rewards for doxing and many other negative things. The admin leadership team is not only toxic to players but to its own ranks, one example is a admin being forced out for a simple harmless childish meme discord message which was at the expense of 'in admin' of that month.

What is to happens in the future of 'Oceanic Servers' is unknown. 'Faggot Gamers' hopes that the server will reform back to more free base community like in the pass where people were free to express themselves for who they are without the repression of a few who wish to be important. A considering factor which may play out in future is head admin 'magic' moving countries to Germany from Australia. The reason being said by some quitely, but uncomfirmed by 'Faggot Gamers' is his attempt to stay in any omlypic team after his times became to slow for the Australian team.