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Onionzzz is an absolutely complete dickhead who is an afraid little boy. One things make this dickhead run, FEAR!. Onionzzz who name Nick rhymes with Dick is really scared of being left out of the group. He is probably the less gifted of all the head admins ever, he lacks social, management and map making skills but has only stayed at the top due to his back stabbing and non-loyalty skills. The only thing he deserves credit for is the amount of time he commits. He is always there in fear, trying to make sure there is no plot to out do him like he has done so many times to others people such as heads like Another Nerd and ThingV, who he claimed to be friends with before twisting the knife in the back. He partly destroyed FG:02 and was a main reason BG was destroyed. With BG he was pre-planning for a server split like the little spiteful boy he is while being friendly to his so called buddy ThingV. Onionzzz strarted DS and was not going to be happy until he had everything his own way, which was definitely not the right way for the average player as now due to onionzzz alone players are ban quicker and longer for little things as onionzzzz see the average player valueless as his got way to much importance on his own little worthless self the piece of shit he is. Now onionzzz finally feel like he fits into something for the first time in his life unlike school as he control ever aspect of the server in a dictator fashion where if the average admin question him they are blocked from advancing and the average player is just simply banned. Onionzzz puts lots of effort in his apperance trying to look cool and chilled which he definately is not, he surrounds himself with suck-holes like retrodawn and magicS until he doesn't need them anymore then dumps them at the first sign of something going wrong to solve a problem. Onionzzz life is a lie and full of betrayal to advantage his own position with absolutely no room in his little cunt ego to receive the smallest amount of criticism which really is a classic example of a piece of shit who reaches the top by selling out everyone around them. With no skills he has somehow made it to the top, but the best part about cunts who make it to the top by being the little peice of shits they are like Nick iss there only one way to go when you reach the top, and it only a matter of time before he see's all them so called fake friends who suck his little penic dick and are scared of him join in on the stabbing spree against Onionzzz. What a fucking piece of shit this cunt is, go die in a fire.

UPDATE: Nick Grotta (most likely incorrect) of Queensland has been targeting Faggot Gamers team members and been giving them bans. Nick the piece of shit who is famous for selling everyone out and even being less open to opions then the Longy (anti-christ) will fall. It just what happens 3/10 lookers with oversized mouths.