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This is one I can personally say his a abusive mother fucker. However at least I can say wolfman is a backstabbing cunt as well but at least he talk one on one, even crash will, this mother fuck to scared to talk about what his done, going to great lenths to avoid people who do not like him 100%. Anyway your the most fucking useless server tech, xJB and your new server lags like a fucking bitch, fix it hore, your the fucking server tech you retard cunt. You think your all powerful, but let me tell you that you are so close to gonig down for what you did, you regreat fucknig with us, you wanna play endgame, I play end day and fucknig win, internet fights, i dont care if its 1 year, 10 years, I will get you back on the net you wimp mother fucking. You the only person who I seen actually act like a wimp on the net, your to scared to talk to someone over a mic, your a fucking bitch mother fucker, you spend your whole life being scared mother fucker at school? Make me wonder if your the bitch in your and looney realtionship or do you fight over who gets to be the women. Fuck you David.