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MR-Jailbreak is owned by Mr.Gweeds, a legal student in Vcitoria, Australia. Gweeds runs a server which is the 2nd most popular Australian CSS:Jailbreak server for many years. As many xJB, Fg, MN has come and gone he has never been able to capitalise on the number one spot. Say what you want on his mangerment, on how he never reached number 1 spot, he can be praised for running a stable community, however some of his polices have been poor such as a massive reban which is just simply childish. Also Mr. servers seem to have less restrictions on there admins, allowing them to simply just ban people they don't like, these may be barriers the server has to overcome, because if strong leadership had provailed, Mr Community could of been number 1.



The server has since closes on CS:Source but is planning to open a CS:GO server like DTK.