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magicS as know from now on Sam is probably the most famous person in the real world in Australian Jailbreak, Sam has won a gold medal in the commonwealth olympics and a 2nd place crappy silver medal at the olympics games, however these where both in the gayest sport in the world which is cycling (lol). However the famousness has not stop him from being a cunt in his leadership role. Sam is a good talker, but he has let the power go to his head, he has been abusive since becoming an admin on the Momentum Network server in 2015 which make him an absolute cunt, examples of his actions are he will ban people for unrelated jokes which he does not like. He will ban people or bully other admins he does not like, such as he did on BGJB. In one classic example he ban Faggot Gamer staff members for no reason, saying he would only unban them if he could be given influence over his Faggot Gamers page, but in good news the Faggot Gamers staff held strong and didn't negotiate with terrorst and won there unban without giving an inch. In the long run like all cunts with power he had his fall. He was a last second inclusion in the Community Operator team making him rank 3rd on DS. So when the middle rank admin uprise against the corruption he held on first, with retrodawn and another junior admin falling first, however a week later the uprising continued and Sam seen he was about to be sold out from the number 1 and 2 (Onionzzz and Hyphen) and he left in anger, he left the team before being dumped, he does not play jailbreak anymore showing he was only there for the power. Shame on him.