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Longy is nothing but a unemployed loser with weird looking eyes, who is overweight and enjoys getting off with online power. While being in the JB community he has back stabbed many, he back stabbed Azzar for example and dropped him from head admin on FG to no admin power, causing Azzar to rage and start Latersp1g. Longy has no good personality at all, he is small minded, rude, agressive, dumb and most likely the most hated person of all time in Jailbreak history. He enjoys others pain as he has had a painful life himself, being bullied at school, failing at Victoria University and having his brother as his only friend. Daniel Long who is from Sunshine, Victoria aka Longy claims that him and his brother use to be part of the Sunshine boys including Carl Williams which no way could be true considering he would of had to be ten at the time. It makes you wonder a person who lies like that must have absolutely nothing good in his life. Well Daniel, I hope it hurt when you realised that one day when Tom and all them pretend friends who liked you only for your power turned that knife in your back and you fell like the loser you are and quit FG, you will always fail in no matter what you try at because you don't know what sucess is, if your had no sucess by 23 for example not even a patitiation trophie, you will never have be good at anything. Once a loser, always a loser. I hope your pain is long, for the pain you have caused everyone else to have loser.