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The JailBreak eXperience (JBX) was created in 2021 from players from two dead/dying server. Players in general are given a lot of freedom in what they can say and think without getting in trouble in which Faggot Gamers highly supports.

Regaring the gameplay, its slow, and prisoner movement is generally restricted with overuse of button freezes and similar orders, this leads to the guards getting overly close and being duds (in shorthand). The server player base was closed minded to original and new games when they were introduced and was quickly closed down and repeative map games were preferred.

A friend of Faggot Gamers was bullied while conducting part of the undercover review of JBX, he was targeted for his race (NZ voice) and age in what he described as 'One bully who started, who was followed by many others trying fit in at all cost'. Faggot Gamers must comdemn the average player of JBX as this sorta brainless thinking is not a good character as if 'you stand for nothing, you fall for everything' and admin leader 'Tech N9ne' who created JBX would like this total control by group think and could remove the freeom from the players at anytime. JBX also has a bad feature regarding the selection of warden, instead of selecting on merit or popular vote it has a '!w' feature which in summary is first to spam gets warden system, this leads to round after round of the same bad wardens who have it binded.

During our visit to JBX we met many players, here is some of the more interesting ones.

*Tech Nine, only mention because of his position in general seemed very friendly and approachable.

*Tilly was caught out misleading a situation for very little reason and when challenged continued to lie round after round and then recruit people to defend his lie. This was over a issue of non-importance.

*Blooper seen himself as much importance, he seemed to be very respected by his peers, he seem to have a group of yes men who blindly followed his judgement, not limited to but some to name were 'stinky' and 'grunge'. Blooper seem to lack general fun-ness while warden but when dissent happened his followers where quick to come to his aid and made immature fart sounds and lodge petty insults at whoever he disliked.

*Diva_Devil#2290 (discord user) is maybe the most weirdest person experience met in offical Faggot Gamers work. He volunteered at his own will to be interviewed to supply basic information. At the first question he was seen to be unreliable after he replied with 3 different answers to the first question of 'what year was 'JBX' created?' The next question 'was there a predecessor server to JBX' which he replied there was 2, when questioned 'what was there names' he said he could not answer that question without permission from his seniors. Immediately he was thanked for his time, and that there was no need to continue with someone who was only going to be a voicebox for others. He then began to yell that 'we (Faggot Gamers) was from the CIA and this had happened before'. We immediately left the call, but then became alerted he was writing publiclly on the JBX discord that we from the CIA and for others to not engage in interviews.