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Hyphen has played JB since the original FG and is a likable talker, however has only medium socialable skills, its been a long time of climbing up the ranks for Hyphen which has taken over 5 years which he did mainly with his mapping ability which makes him different to the normal head admin as he didn't make it by being a sell out cocksucking cunt. However its probably a considered fact that Hyphen would not be where he is now without his mapping ability, onionzzz would of dumped him on the turn over from BG to DS if he didn't need a mapper as onionzzz would rather someone he could control better. However like all humans Hyphen has changed over time, he use to be one of the truestest supporters of players rights, however he has sold out some of his views and drifted towards the cunt section of adminship, nearly reaching that part in the last few week to support his overlord onionzzz. Hyphen has brought a lot to AUS-JB with quality maps, especially by his porting of maps from CSS to CS:GO. However many have question why the mapping team does not fix the already large amount of broken maps before making even more new maps as lots of maps on rotations are barely played at all. However the hope the Faggot Gamers team had in Hyphen as a supporter of player rights is slowly drifting away as he follows onionzzz to the cunt admin section following the true anti-christ footsteps of Longy.

UPDATE: Paul Gannon of Brisbane North has been playing both friend and foe of the Faggot Gamers website, his aim has for sometime has been to bring the website down. Mr. Gannon has been acting via proxy of one of his rat admins to remove the site, also Mr. Gannon made comment hiring a hacker was the best way to deal with Faggot Gamers and made suggestion that Another Nerd should do that. Its unsure if Mr. Gannon was always a cunt as he has been an ally of Faggot Gamers for many years, however it is most likely, but not for certain that his new found ranking status within the AusJB community has turned this guy into a longy ranking cunt. Remember the words "Paul Gannon" and assoicate two face backstabbing cunt to those words.