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Basic overview, MIA created the jailbreak content that Wolfman like to pretends he made. He and his friend made the content which Wolfman manage to get the right by back stabbing MIA, this is proven in the image below which some idiot Ollie scribbled all over thinking he was funny. Then he took his content rights and agreed to a agreement with Viper (Abby gaming or xJB) This agreement work well with over 300 Admins paying $60 dollars for Admin. However Viper saw the need to protect his customers once Nibbles was abusing his chain of power placed to him by Wolfman. Viper removed Nibbles powers who mass ban the servers which Wolfman supported and deleted all the forums, server content on Viper servers (Illegal). Then he formed Faggot Gamers with his own lagging 2nd hand servers which he claims to have found in the middle of a island because he doesn't want to admitted he brought it at Vinnies. Faggot Gamers was formed on base of Wolfman, Ollie and Nibbles back stabbing as many people as they could.



After Ollie and Nibbles left the server he appointed new idiots to control the server, his main goon was called Longy and Longy loved to ban people, help the server reaching 50,000 sourcebans of which he gloated over. But not all was good, the 2nd in charge who paid the server bills called Damier wiped all the bans and Longy left in rage and Damier had a fall out with the new number one called Tom as he was a horrible peoples person. Damier stop paying the bills and then the server crashed and a old FG coder (jeff) stole the already stolen content and uploaded new servers (MN) and appointed all the same admins as well as some former admin with the idea of a new attitude to players, however this was easier said then done in practice.


So MN lost some players and the player base began to die so the server leader jeff shut it down and it was replaced by Another Nerd server call Adonix Gaming which also had similar problems of a lack of player base. At the end of this Another Nerd offered the server to anyone willing to rebuild it which JJJohna from JJJailbreak accepted. This is when AUS-JB attempted to move to CS:GO, however having two servers spilit the player base and killed the community. Another Nerd again restarted the server reusing the old FG name only on CS:GO which is now known as FG:02 and was greatly help by number increase by a deSinc video on Youtube. Another nerd was however sadly backstabbed by a group of players who wanted to build a server without him because they claimed Another Nerd to difficult to work with, the backstabbers being ThingV, onionzzz and gymson who then started Backlash Gaming after destrong FG:02 from the inside. Gymson sadly in a plot twist was backstabbed by onionzzz and heavily bullied by this group and repalced with magics. Then in another surprising twist onionzzz and magics then backstab ThingV and started Domination Servers with Hyphen and magics, before magics was backstabbed by onionzzz in a small admin uprising.

Below is a picture showing the immaturity breakup of MIA nearly 10 years ago, to which someone opposing the owner made fun of.