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This is about FG-02 (CS:GO), for the ealier much laster longing CSS server please go to FG-01

FG-02 the 7th edition to AUS-JB is a remake of the famous FG of CSS, the plan of the leadership team composing off much of the same team of AG and JJJ such as old timers like Another Nerd. The idea was that the server was going to go full CS:GO, that there wasn't going to be a CSS and CS:GO server at the same time, the team spent a lot of time porting maps which are sill used today, they requested the rights from Wolfman for the Freedom Gamers trademark and steam group(s) to attempt to win old players back. Wolfman to his credit handed them over. The server started and after a few months of fixing lots of bugs at a medium pace the server was running well and was popular. However there was a coup against Another Nerd and the server was destroyed and another relunched without him.