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Freedom Gamers (Part of the faggot gamers Train) was the break away server from XJB, being the 3rd in the train is lasted the longest of all the AUS-JB servers, it was the exact same as XJB at first but later added many new features in its later years. FG was never quiet as big or popular as XJB, however it did defeat XJB rebuild attempt as well as break away JB servers from ban/angry former admin such as Laters P1G and Vortex. FG fell when Wolfman/Longy/Tom/Damier had the massive fight. FG is famous for having over 50,000 sourcebans. Which is 1/400 of the Australian population.

UPDATE: Just to clear up the death of FG, Damier who is a gay country Victorian boy gained power after Longy (the anti-christ) was pushed out for being a cunt by another cunt called Tom, he was replaced by Damier who wanted to handle the finances to gain his own power base, however he demanded more money from Wolfman to keep it aflote and Wolfman refuse when Damier ask for a large back payment, this is when the server stop paying the bills and the server died and Wolfman did not care enough to re-take over.

Many years later wolfman gave the right of the name usage to FG-02 when AUS-JB moved to CS:GO