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Domination Servers is the 9th edition of AUS-JB. It was a relunch after the destruction of BG by onionzzz, hyphen and magics. It been doing very well number wise and has taken over pretty much the entire CS:GO Australian JB market and the new kiddies like the concept of AUS-JB free movement and non-nazi rules. It also has been help by new videos by deSinc which DS famous youtuber who brings over all the b-hop kiddies. More on to this is skin updates on the server, letting the skin kiddies love decorating there gun with the latest skins which they could never afford. But with all this godness it was just to much as an scandal awoken when several senior and standard admins attack the head admins and the new job title (community operator) which is the same job as head for corruption demanding that it must stop. retrodawn (biggest sellout ever) and another admin were dumped for there corruption, but the cries for more heads kept coming. At this stage onionzzz panic, he sold out the number 3 called magics. magics seen it coming when he seen the propaganda and jump overboard resigning. The server has been reducing the rights of players and bans have been coming quicker and longer and a slow creep towards the dark FG-01 days under longy (anti-christ) return slowly. The server is still doing strong, but will onionzzz the dictator of the server be able to keep the crowds down forever?

UPDATE: magics was replaced with turtle who was an onionzzz yes boy. However after some years turtle began to have his own opinion and then he was ousted with his friends who gang went by the cool name "units". turtle was replaced by a wog called anthony who was more interested in rust and after he fizzled out and was no good in his position. onionzzz bought back the cyclist magics while pretending to quit as leader in some sort of weird tricking move to fool everyone which it didn’t, maybe he did plan on moving on in his life but had to go back to what he felt comfortable in. Lately there been rumours that hyphen has been stealing money out of the community, $1000 in 3 weeks apparently to FG sources.

UPDATE: A former admin called Dugglez after being sacked made a 13 page google doc 'audit' calling Onionzzz a pedo, which most likely wasn't true. However its effect was making Onionzzz quit the server, after that happened, Hyphen chucked in his cards at the disgrace of the situation and donated all the money to 'autism awareness' as a troll. magics came back in and took over the server and announced for no reason that he intended to rename the server 'Oceanic Servers'

UPDATE: magics complete the change of the server to 'Oceanic Servers'