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Backlash Gaming the 8th edition of AUS-JB was a server started by ThingV with the help of 2 suckholes called onionzzz and gymson in an effort to dump the main head from FG:02 called Another Nerd. It took the main player base after destroying FG:02 which was always an dying server number wise. The server originally did well, spinning off support from an ealier video with over 2 million views made by player deSinc advertising AUS-JB. However all was not well in the trio, so onionzzz started bulling gymson and made up lots of propaganda to get rid of him, however some of it was true like the depression claims. Not knowning how to handle problems or stand strong, maybe due to his serious weight problem ThingV axe gymson and replaced him with another suckhole called magics. The new trio kept bulling the depressed gymson but when they grew bored they turned on each other. Onionzzz started to harass ThingV with the help of the replacement magics, after being sick of the abuse ThingV sacked onionzzz and was looking for an excuse to sell the server for $600 dollars to an outside (KZG) for $600 which was almost a give away price. However during the sale onionzzz was replaced by hyphen who caused lots of casos on the inside while working with onionzzz. ThingV proabley deserved this for being a fat cunt. So after the sale was ruined ThingV was looking for a reason to get out of the server and over some small incident regarding a minecraft server spin off and some diamonds ThingV destroyed the server, doing as much damage as he possiblay could to make it as hard as he could to build up another reboot. However onionzzz being spiteful was already planning to backstab ThingV months before and had already made backups and was ready to start his own remake.