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Another Nerd (Mr. Cotter) was the leader of AG, FG:02 as well as the head admin on other servers, he however is unstable with his visions and loyalities moving around on a daily basis. He has at time shown true loyality to his friends and has made grand claims about treating the average player fairly, however like said before this can change on a daily basis. People who have worked before with Mr. Cotter have reported him to having been difficult to work with, as well as Mr. Cotter has been the target of many backstabbing plots, almost all involving onionzzz. However instead of standing strong against these evil attack which he claims he is against and standing up for his beliefs it has been bought to Faggot Gamers attention that Mr. Cotter has tried to become apart of onionzzz little dicator circle, however being rejected by onionzzz and several others he mostly stays away from AUS-JB nowdays. However this can not take away from what an important part of JB he has affect and his non-nazi leadership has advantage the average player.

UPDATE: Nick Cotter of the Gold Coast, Queensland was removed as a gesture of goodwill, Mr Cotter has since been working with onionzzz to attack the Faggot Gamers website and making unreasonable demands of the website and demanding special treatment. Let be clear here, the team at Faggot Gamers will never back down from a story which should be told due to threat.