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Adonix Gaming is the 5th chapter in the chain of xJB to MN. Ran by Mr. Cotter (AnotherNerd) is an active spammer of his website/server and known degenerate with another player called Emzy. AnotherNerd was a 17 year old and was at Uni just like Viper was, however unlike Viper he couldn't fill a server on weekends, let alone get active players on weeknights. The poor bloke has to spam and offer rewards just to get people to play weekend prime time nights. Many can recall Viper was doing much better business and knew how to market (he study business), yet Anothernerd is studying and failing at his life while working casually on call at Kmart. With poor leadership and his first moves to appoint Longy and Clint Eastwood to management and then make a mockery of the much loved Union setup by using the same name for his worthless VIP system we can only hope he improves once he turns 18 and into a man. As if no improvement occurs soon the server will remain stagnant and collapse when he loses interest or the good will to continue the good fight as all his cling on's (his friends) are just there for the free ride and the power if the server kicks on (such as Longy and Clint Eastwood). It will be interesting to see how Mr. Cotter handles the challenges of building a server up in the future.

Saying all this, here at Faggot Gamers we wish him well, as if he can take the old format to CS:GO then his done a really good thing for AUSJB. Good luck mate!

The community has since failed and Anothernerd is offering the resources of the community to anyone who tries to reboot the community.

UPDATE: Which JJJailbreak accepted.