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Adminship, its a term us at Faggot Gamers frown at, it really should be known as custodians of the community as that what an admin should attempt to do. However as discuss below, more hurt comes from adminship then any other form of bulling in AUS-JB. Admin management is always a top/down system, where those at the top command and those at the bottom respond with 100% loyalty. If you do this long enough and support the right head admin for long enough you may make it up the chain, however if you don't you find yourself the victim of a coup/sacking and you will be bullied out by the head admins and the other admin who are you rank with and normally would be your friend will be given the choice to attack you or fall with you. If you climb up to senior level by following the commands of your decided head admin 100% of the time which are often unhonourable such as bully this player, lie about this player/admin, ban this player and etc you may make it to senior adminship. However there is only one way to get to head admin position as these spots are limited, normally to 3 and they are never vacated by choice, that to destroy another head admin to create yourself a spot and have your head admin push you into a spot thinking you will always back him and be loyal to him. This is clearly a bad system as those who are not outright backstabbers or yes men will never stand a chance in almost all cases of making it into any meanful position as if you are not ready to destroy good people on the commands of others or turn a blind eye to head admin suckholes friends getting special privileges/unbans you will fail. Also you must be a suckhole, not just to your head admin, but those other on your allied head admin team who are above you who must be removed for you to take there position as 1st suckhole. There just is no way a good moral person can make it up the ranks by saying no in this current system and if they rock the boat to much they will be outcast into ban, usually after much bullying by there former friends and demotion which can be over months. If you do show "respect" (suckhole) for long enough on the winning head admin team and those above you they will allow you to bully a player or players of your choice depending on the ban mentality of the server as long as you choose someone who isn't in the pocket of someone higher. Sometimes the victim is someone outspoken or noticeable, but almost always the victim is someone younger then you the admin which you may condemn and make that player(s) life hard, you may give abuse and may ban if they abuse you back. However the saddest thing is this is often not what you intended for yourself when you join the admin team, its the endless hours of culture you have gained in the server choice of VOIP system where you are taught this un-natural behaviour that there are ranks to players, and you now have accepted that system and place yourself above others including that of your emotions mean more then theres. To be clear, no human is above any human and this is a culture which has to be broken in AUS-JB culture. Previously it's been reduced in the past, however it reforms everytime over and over as players let there guard down when the behaviour lowers. Nobody wants to be part of this culuture and we must all be vigilant of this happening as it reoccurs only when everyone has there guard or worst, accepts it as part of Jailbreak. If your been the victim of this hurt like everyone and don't want this to happened to you, don't try to play the abuse cycle game better to reach the top as you never be happy there as even at the top you must constantly worry about a coup. Instead stand up for what is right, stand up for those who have been abused and never be silent when you see abuse, remember only those who are pieces of shit play the game.